Puja Garg

Puja Garg is an entrepreneur and social activist. She is the Director and partner in a renowned distribution house spread over UP, Uttarakhand and New Delhi dealing in wholesale and retail of international apparel brands.

She co-founded Amara, bringing to the fore her creative & entrepreneurial skills and utilizing her expertise in networking. Her innate sense of fashion helps her to curate designers for Amara. In the past few years, she has been part of the FICCI Ladies Organisation, spear-heading social initiatives for the betterment of women in society. She has been the chairperson of FLO Lucknow chapter 2020-21, & currently is the national head of village industries & transformation programme for FICCI FLO

Ritu Mathur

Ritu Mathur, founder partner of AMARA, is an eminent entrepreneur in India and ex-Investment Banker with CitiBank, Born and brought up in Lucknow she lived in Mumbai for 10 years.

Ritu has experience in organizing successful shows with professional teams, promoting the event through her local associations. She is successfully running a medical college, dental college, and hospital for the last 15 years as Head of HR and Marketing. Ritu's passion for lifestyle merchandise and creativity and her natural zest for innovative enterprise. led her to co-found Amara and bring together designers from across the country to the city, thus, opening new vistas for businesses in Lucknow city. Ritu is currently based out of London, UK where she is expanding into the international business domain.

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